At Exponential Equity, we’re here to help you create the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself and for your family.

We are investors ourselves, and we’ve been where you are. We spent years trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t in creating passive income and growing wealth for our families.

We’ve dabbled in the stock market, invested in rental properties, and more – all while simultaneously navigating long hours, impossible deadlines, and endless business travel.

Through all our research and trial and error, we discovered passive investing via real estate syndications (group investments), which are the perfect fit for busy professionals like you. 

Through passive investing, you get to put your money to work for you through commercial real estate assets, without any of the hassles or time commitments of being a landlord.

Meet the team


Hemal is the founder and managing partner of Exponential Equity. Hemal started his real estate investing career in 2012 and founded Exponential Equity to focus on his passion of helping busy families achieve financial freedom through fantastic opportunities in commercial real estate investments.

Prior to establishing Exponential Equity, Hemal provided management consulting services to several fortune 100 companies across three continents while creating a portfolio of businesses that he scaled and exited including an outsourcing company and a private lending firm.

Hemal lives with his wife and twin children in Charlotte, North Carolina and loves golfing, music, and reading.


Yomesh is the co-founder and managing partner of Exponential Equity. Yomesh is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for commercial real estate. Yomesh acquired his first real estate property in 2007 with the sole purpose of creating passive income. Over last 13 years, Yomesh has successfully owned and managed a robust portfolio of properties across Charlotte area. Through Exponential Equity, Yomesh’s goal is to help individuals like him to build wealth faster through passively investing in commercial real estate.

In addition to being real estate investor, Yomesh is an Information Technology Executive at a leading chemical company. Over the career span of two decades, Yomesh has led several small and large technology initiatives across various Fortune 500 firms that led to improved operational efficiency and faster decision making for company leadership.

Yomesh is also a triathlete with his most notable achievement completing the 2019 Ironman 70.3 at Wilmington, North Carolina.

Yomesh lives with his wife and two daughters in Charlotte, North Carolina and loves traveling, music and extra spicy Indian food.

The Exponential EQUITY Method

As a partner with Exponential Equity, you get to make your money work for you through stable and secure commercial real estate assets, while we do all the heavy lifting of researching the markets, identifying the best deals, and renovating and managing the real estate assets on your behalf. We are able to do this through what we call our Exponential E.Q.U.I.T.Y. Method.


We explore hundreds of properties every month in top markets across the country.


We review and qualify vetted deals based on our strict criteria and high standards.


We use an extensive underwriting and due diligence process.


We give you the opportunity to invest alongside us in pre-vetted deals.


We transform each community to make it a better, safer, and cleaner place to live.


Over the life of the project, each asset yields strong returns for our investors.



We've been in your shoes. We know what it's like to work endlessly long hours, carrying the stress of providing for your family while simultaneously feeling the guilt of not having more time for them.

We're here to help you break the cycle and create the life you've always wanted to live. We won't pressure you into anything, we promise. There's no commitment to invest.

To get started today, join the Exponential Equity Club, and we'll take it from there.