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You’re a busy professional, we get it. As you’re reading this, you’re probably simultaneously thinking about the calls you need to make, the deadlines you’re juggling, and your kid’s birthday party this weekend.

You do a lot for others, and you deserve a lot in return. Here are Exponential Equity, we’re busy professionals trying to create a better life for our families too.

If you’re looking for a way to stop trading your time for money and start living the life you’ve always wanted to live, read on. We’d love to help you achieve Exponential Success.


A trusted team of real estate investors

“Exponential Equity team of Yomesh Deliwala and Hemal Badiani is a trusted team of real estate investors. This team brings the experience and expertise in the markets they invest in, backed by their strong values: integrity and care. Working with Yomesh and Hemal is truly a step in the right direction to achieve your financial freedom and living life on your own terms.”

– James Kandasamy, CCIM | Austin, Texas
Author of “Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate”, Multifamily Apartment Real Estate Investor, Podcast Host and Speaker

Proud to partner with Exponential Equity on future endeavors

“Working with Hemal Badiani from Exponential Equity has been a pleasurable and mutually beneficial experience. Exponential Equity brings a lot of knowledge and financial execution capabilities to the table. Their partners and stakeholders have a demonstrated ability and understanding of our business and the firm can execute effectively and contribute to the success of any deal. I am proud to continue to collaborate and partner with Exponential on future endeavors.”

– John Azar
Founder of Peak 15 Capital and Executive Vice President of MACC Venture Partners

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You’ve probably heard about how the vast majority of the world’s millionaires became so through investing in real estate.

Undoubtedly, you’ve also heard horror stories about the hassles of being a landlord. Perhaps you own some rental properties and are tired of the constant headaches.

This is where passive real estate investing comes in.

Through investing passively in real estate syndications (group investments), you get all the benefits of owning real estate, while we take care of all the headaches.



Step 1 - Join

To get started, join the Exponential Equity Club, a community of people just like you who are building passive income and wealth for their families. 

Step 2 - Learn

Once you join, we'll reach out to get to know you and your goals. We'll share resources to help you on your journey and add you to our exclusive deal list.

Step 3 - Invest

As we find great real estate investment opportunities in top markets around the country, we'll share those deals with you so you can invest alongside us.

Step 4 - Grow

Each time you invest, you build an additional stream of passive income, getting you and your family one step closer to financial freedom and Exponential Success.



We've been in your shoes. We know what it's like to work endlessly long hours, carrying the stress of providing for your family while simultaneously feeling the guilt of not having more time for them.

We're here to help you break the cycle and create the life you've always wanted to live. We won't pressure you into anything, we promise. There's no commitment to invest.

To get started today, join the Exponential Equity Club, and we'll take it from there.